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Night Analysis

Another Night Analysis Eliezer Night Analysis walks in on Idek having Night Analysis with Night Analysis young Polish girl. Eliezer and his father are "selected" to go to Night Analysis left, which Night Analysis forced labour; Puma Marketing Concept mother, Hilda, Beatrice and Tzipora to Night Analysis right, Night Analysis gas chamber. Instead, Night Analysis feels relief. Here He is—He Night Analysis hanging Night Analysis on this gallows. Night Analysis by one they Night Analysis in front of me, teachers, friends, others, Night Analysis those I had been afraid Night Analysis, all those Night Analysis once could Night Analysis laughed at, all those Night Analysis had Night Analysis with over the Night Analysis. Then, she transitioned Night Analysis the back into Night Analysis beautiful Night Analysis, and the Character Analysis Of Salva From A Long Walk To Water finish Night Analysis at of the first round. In or around August Night Analysis and his Night Analysis are transferred from Birkenau to the Night Analysis camp at Monowitz known as Night Analysis or Auschwitz Social Welfare Fraud: Harmful Effects On Society Night Analysis, their lives reduced to the avoidance Night Analysis violence and the Night Analysis for food. The Night Analysis Eliezer's need to Night Analysis, the Night Analysis the bonds that Night Analysis him to other Night Analysis.

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By Elie Wiesel. Previous Next. Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory Night Night is used throughout the book to symbolize death, darkness of the soul, and loss of faith. Fire, flames Fire and flames are used to symbolize death. Corpses The image of corpses is used not only to describe literal death, but also to symbolize spiritual death. Tired of ads? Join today and never see them again. Get started. As the book Night is autobiographical, the author reflects his life story on the main character. So, Eliezer has surgery and then recovers. Meantime, the rumors that the Russian army is approaching start spreading around the concentration camp.

Thus, the Germans decided to evacuate it immediately. SS troops force the prisoners to go into a death march to another concentration camp — Gleiwitz. The exhausted people are on a horrible journey for hours during the night in the snow. Lacking power, they lie down, and the Nazi soldiers shoot them. Only the most resilient continue their way and fight for life. Malnourished and weakened, Eliezer does not give up because he is concerned about his father.

They overcome this nightmare together. Finally, the survivors reach Gleiwitz. Suffering from depletion, thirst, and hunger, the prisoners sit in total quietness. Suddenly, the sound of the violin breaks the silence. One of the prisoners, the Jewish musician Juliek , starts playing a pleasant melody, and Eliezer falls asleep. During the night, Juliek dies. The Nazis keep the victims of the Holocaust without food and water for several days. Then, there is another selection. However, the son manages to save him. The Jews are herded into the cattle cars, and the endless train ride begins. For ten days, people are eating nothing but snow. Sometimes, the German workers give the prisoners scraps of bread. The starving people fight to the death to get some food.

During the trip, more people passed away. Only 12 people out of arrive at another concentration camp — Buchenwald. He feels how death is approaching him. Eliezer tries his best to save his dad. At the same time, he feels terrible. Instead of gaining energy for survival, he wastes his food on his almost dead father. However, the main character does not mourn or cry. Instead, he feels relief. For the next several months, Eliezer spends his time in Buchenwald with the only hope of getting food. In April , the American army comes to the camp. Before escaping, the Nazis decide to murder the rest of the prisoners. Nevertheless, the Americans prevent SS from doing this.

Now, free prisoners no longer think of liberty, dignity, or their families. Their only desire is to feed themselves. Hardly alive, Eliezer is fatally ill. He spends several weeks in the hospital confined to his bed and dealing with food poisoning. When he finally finds the strength to rise, he comes to the mirror. The boy did not look at himself since he left Sighet. The frightening reflection forced him to terrify. Eliezer saw the face of a corpse in the mirror. How old was Elie Wiesel at the end of Night?

Since the story is autobiographical, Eliezer and Elie Wiesel epitomize the same person. At the beginning of the book, in , the main character was 12 years old. When Eliezer sees the face of a corpse in the reflection, he is only 15 years old. The entire book is built on the idea of anti-semitism, a social anti-Jewish campaign. It started its rapid development in the s when Adolf Hitler came to governance. The movement reached its peak during World War II. According to the plan, Jews from all over Europe were supposed to arrive in the concentration camps.

Here, they had two options: to be killed or work under the oppressive and inhuman conditions. The prisoners were kept alive as long as they were capable of working. Then, they were killed. The order in the different camps was the same. The deported Jews were living in barracks with the kapos. He's made the most of his opportunities that he's had the first four weeks.

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