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The Cay Character Analysis

Anybody might feel upset to be called mean. Dermot Post Author July 17, The Cay Character Analysis. Most The Cay Character Analysis would take any The Cay Character Analysis those as sufficient answer. Harrison May 25, pm. How Elon Musk The Cay Character Analysis the world structuring problems in "obvious" The Cay Character Analysis.

The Cay Chapter 2

But the one mistake I wanna call your attention to is much less obvious. Should it be overall criminal incidents? Thefts only? Warehouse thefts, specifically? And maybe the problem could be solved without that kind of rigorous testing e. But if the situation was harder, more nuanced it would be tough to Natalia to actually diagnose the issue. Her first layer is not bad, but there are other MECE structures as insightful as this one that would also be more testable, more falsifiable.

Here are some of the questions I have been asked about Issue Trees throughout the years and the best answers I have to those …. So there are actually two questions within this one: 1 How do I know if I should use a structure to solve the problem and 2 How do I know if I should use an Issue Tree or another technique. You should use a structure to solve a problem, well, when you want to solve it in a structured way.

That means almost always, especially in the professional world, where people have bosses, employees and clients. There are other structuring techniques — ways to break down the problem — that you can use. So, when to use Issue Trees and when to use the others? If the first, use an Issue Tree; if the last, use another tool such as a conceptual framework, as we teach in our free course on case interviews. How to know which one you want is a bit more complicated and would take an article on its own to explain.

That means they come up with hypotheses and test them to find the truth much like in the scientific method. Well, one way some people figured out is to build a MECE tree and just throw the word hypothesis around. If it were in a case investigating why profits have fallen, this would sound something like this:. If the answer to a question you ask could potentially lead you to solve the problem then the question is a part of the structure of the problem and should be within your Issue Tree.

The reason for that is that having it on paper makes it easier to communicate the ideas and frees up space in your mind so you can actually think about each part of the problem. But drawing does take a bit of time and in answering certain questions in case interviews, interviewers want you to be quick and may even ask you not to use paper. Issue trees are a representation of how a consultant thinks. That means consultants think in Issue Trees. But this is not a rule. And with more than 5 layers the time it takes to build each layer grows while the value each layer brings diminishes. Your interviewer can always ask you to dig deeper in a certain bucket if they want you to and they often do.

And to know if your conceptual framework is MECE, check out our free course on case interview fundamentals. If you got stuck building your issue tree, that means you need more and better practice. So, what do you do? Take a breath, rethink the case and create a very simple, down-to-earth structure that can solve the problem. Eliminate as many parts of your tree as possible and find out everything that is NOT a part of the problem. Use this process of elimination to your favor. You can have all the theory in the world, you can have seen all the examples and still not be able to perform when the time to use this tool comes.

Most people would just memorize the common profit trees you see out there and try to apply them to different problems. Other people would feel stuck. Over time we created different techniques for people to practice trees. As you can see there is a logic for the four types of practice I will suggest. But you also need more generic day-to-day practice because that will train your mind to always think in a structured way. Even when the interviewer asks you that informal question about the time where you studied abroad. That gives you the rigor and confidence to structure problems with all the nuances and details they need. Because that gives you the flexibility and confidence to structure any problem, even those you have never seen before! It helps you be more creative and trains you to face the unknown.

The first type of practice is that of creating very deep Issue Trees for hypothetical problems, simulating one you would do in a case interview if you had minutes to think or one you would do in a real project. Aim for at least 6 layers and try to create even more than that as you get more practice. Because when you get deep into your Issue Tree you must deal with much more specific problems, problems that you might have never considered in your life before.

Even fewer can find a MECE structure on how to increase customer friction to leave to a competitor. But I wanted to show you one example just do you could see how deep you should go when doing this kind of practice. You will feel tempted to overemphasize the parts of the case your interviewer directed you to and underemphasize other areas. So, for example, if you had a profitability case and the case ended up being about cutting labor costs in a telecom company, you will tend to make your structure much more robust in the labor costs part than in the rest of the tree.

Maybe this case was about labor costs, but the next one could be on infrastructure costs and the one after that could be on pricing. Sometimes I even create them as I read a book to better organize its ideas. And as I do that, I end up with the whole structure and all the important ideas of a book in just one page. Mental trees exercise a different muscle than the other practices, because it happens all in your head. As you go through your day you will notice things.

You will be curious about things. You will wonder how to fix certain problems or why they happen in the first place. But do that and try to keep them in your head as you generate hypotheses for each bucket. At first this is gonna be really hard, but once you get the hang of it it will be a breeze. This practice is especially important for final rounds because partners will often tell you to discuss a problem without using paper. And they do expect you to structure it. Issue Trees can help you be a better problem solver, but also to present your ideas better, to bring more and better insights and even to be a better manager.

Before we even jump into examples of direct applications of how to use Issue Trees on the job, let me make a bold claim: Issue Trees can be used in every facet of your job. And you can use it as a consultant, but also as an executive, as an entrepreneur and more. Most business problems start with a very simple, almost trivial, question, but as you dig deeper you start seeing all the nuances you feel overwhelmed.

A high-level view of the problem with its distinct parts laid out in front of you so you can put numbers, hypotheses and plans to act in each part. Years ago I worked in a Venture Capital firm here in Brazil. They had just entered the market and wanted to invest in e-commerce. My task was to figure out what types of e-commerce businesses would thrive in the country so they could invest well. Would it be auto-parts? Maybe fashion? Or perhaps food delivery? So what I did was to build two Issue Trees. But you can get the idea… I got both of these trees and put into a spreadsheet and now I had a map of the problem that I could work on. It also removed all overwhelm and made my work much more efficient. I no longer had to consider all the factors at once in my head.

All I had to do now was to fill out a table with the best information I could get and see the results. The result? Also, doing it this way tends to bring out more, better ideas — for the same reason why dividing the problem brings more creativity in case interviews. One feels like a pointless chaos and the other gives you certainty that the problem will be solved from minute one.

You have to consider your audience, how to capture and keep attention, storytelling, getting your point across quickly and being to the point and so many other conflicting goals. This works because your Issue Tree is a map of your problem. And maps are great ways to make people understand a complex thing with simplicity and accuracy. Remember the Telco executive from Chapter 1 that had a problem because his customers were unsubscribing from their services? It needed to be a short and to the point presentation that was compelling as well. Slide 1: A chart showing the high level problem overall unsubscriptions have raised from Everything the committee needs to understand the situation. Slide 2: A chart detailing the root-cause of the main problem, with all details needed to understand why it happened.

This would include numbers and qualitative things about that system problem. Slide 3: A chart showing that even though we only lost 2, extra customers because they wanted out, we actually lost 3, to competition. And it all comes because I have a simple and straightforward Issue Tree that helps me solve and explain the problem in simple and straightforward ways. X can be anything he or she is concerned about: doing better presentations, sharing internal documents, improving productivity at work, getting more clients.

And then I could break down those components even further and look for best practices for each sub-component. Yes, Issue Trees! The numbers you have to look at to see how healthy your business is. Most candidates just track the of cases they did, without even caring for the quality of those. You can get any Issue Tree from this article and transform it into a list of KPIs to track within each important bucket. There are actually 6 types of questions interviewers ask in case interviews, to test on the 6 most important tasks consultants perform in real client work.

You can learn about those questions and the specific tools, techniques and strategies management consultants from McKinsey, BCG and Bain use to solve business problems by joining our free course on case interviews! The Definitive Guide to Issue Trees. Issue Trees: the secret to think like a McKinsey consultant and always have a clear, easy way to solve any problem. This guide will teach you how to create and use Issue Trees.

About the author. There were no good resources to learn this back when I was applying for the job. In this guide you'll learn:. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter Issue trees are the blueprint of how McKinsey and other consultants think. They make your thinking process more rigorous and much, much more clear. How I learned about Issue Trees. A bit of a personal story first… I first learned about Issue Trees from a friend who was working in management consulting. And so, the first thing I did was to look for examples of Issue Trees.

And I found stuff like this…. Not exactly rocket science, right? And so I kept looking around. This is why I wrote this guide. The 4 things you need to "get" to understand Issue Trees. They are a "map" of your problem. Not just any map, but a clear and rigorous map. After you've built your list of hypotheses, click the arrow to reveal an Issue Tree to that Telco Executive's client retention problem! Now, take a look at this Issue Tree.

How do I know that? No adventurer should explore a territory without a good map. And no smart problem solver should start solving a problem without a good Issue Tree. Issue Trees are the tool for "dividing and conquering". Issue Trees are more than a mere map. Now things make more sense! Issue Trees are excellent for prioritization. Because Issue Trees lay out the underlying structure of your problem, they help you with two things: 1 Get data structured in a way that helps you quickly find out where the problem is 2 Anticipate what happened with a moderate to high degree of confidence even before you get data. The way I see it: Of the 6. This would make this problem a nightmare to solve.

You can have "problem trees" and "solution trees". Just like we did with our executive trying to fix the customer retention problem he is facing. This makes them really useful. But, naturally, they still have some level of customer churn. What most people in this meeting are doing is to throw ideas on a whiteboard. Click the arrow to the right to compare this "solution tree" with the "problem tree" we had.

And we know that intuitively! Wanna see? Well, try to create a short story in your head. Nothing comes to mind, right? Each of the last two questions was a branch of our issue tree from above. Our brains seem to get confused with that many ideas. When I came up with it, I was thinking about financial costs. You know, contracts and stuff. And you can use them to map out solutions as well.

Three Techniques to Build Issue Trees. The structure of an Issue Tree. That means you can structure problems using them. You can go as deep as you want in your Issue Trees as many layers as you want. And you can make some areas of your tree deeper than others. To do this you use the MECE principle. Easy, right? Well, kind of. Most problems out there are harder than drawing rectangles.

Anyway, enough with MECE. Technique 1: Create a Math Tree. Obviously you can only do that if your problem is numerical. A math tree is a layered equation. Each part of the tree equals the previous bucket. And each full layer is a complete equation of the variable that's being broken down. So, how to do it? Use a proven formula. If you know a formula that fits the problem well, just use it! But knowing some of these, especially the most basic ones does help a lot. The "Dimensional Analysis" method. The Funnel method. This works wonders when the target metric is a percentage or is the end result of a funnel. Take one example from e-commerce: Conversion Rate.

How can you break that down? Simple, you multiply the steps of the funnel from visitor to buyer. Use a sum of segments. However, it can be useful. I wrote an article specifically on profitability trees that you can check out here. But not every problem is numerical and can be structured using equations alone. Step 1: Define the problem specifically no need to be a numerical variable here. Case example:. A small management consulting firm wants to improve the quality of its new recruits. How would you help them do that? The most important thing to define in this problem is what is "quality".

Which structure would you choose as a 1st layer and why? What's next? Well, you could very well end your Issue Tree here. Or you could dig a few more layers deeper. It really depends on the situation. Click the arrow on the right to see what my next layer would look like. I use it every day of my life, either on paper or just in my head. How Elon Musk changes the world structuring problems in "obvious" ways.

But how does he do that? There are two underlying logics to the company:. Again, no rocket science here although a bit of tunneling science. Now, onto what matters for us: 1 Most traffic specialists know that trying to reduce demand is an uphill battle and that expanding road capacity is mostly fruitless. And yet, no one looked at the big picture and questioned things from first principles. And this means if you want to think from first principles, draw Issue Trees. Like what you read so far?

Share the guide on you favorite social media! Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Technique 3: Creating Decision Trees. But I will give you a simple example below so you can see what I mean. There are also different types of decision trees. Want to learn to structure any case? Man does not live by bread alone. Separate different problems early on. Most people who see a huge Issue Tree for the first time are overwhelmed. Of course they are! First you get the problem question and your only concern is to define it well. Then your only concern is to break it down into a first layer.

One bite at a time, you will eat the whole metaphorical elephant. Each part must be MECE. There are many MECE ways to break down any problem. The one that adds more insight to the problem. Here are two resources to help you make your structures more insightful and problem-specific: The first is a Youtube video on how to make better revenue trees. Clarify what you need in each layer you build. You might be shy, but hey, overcome that shyness!

You can ask first. Watch and practice real case interview structures! Join our FREE 7-day course on case interviews. When I was preparing for my case interview I looked for good Issue Tree examples all around. I found none. Not my style! Example 1 - Airline fuel costs surge. You can do that too! Takeaway 2: Stop each branch when it can reasonably explain the source of the problem I have stopped some parts of my tree in Layer 2, other parts in Layer 3 and others in Layer 4. How did I make this call? And so I went a level deeper. Takeaway 3: You can still go deeper in the buckets you need If the last take away gives you an idea on where to stop structuring the Issue Tree, this one gives you permission to dig deeper than that. Why that might be happening? Example 2 - Overwhelmed consultant productivity.

Real consultants have their own personal problems to solve as well. And often time they will solve them with Issue Trees! This tree is solving a more qualitative problem than Example 1, but the techniques still work. You define the problem really specifically at first. Of course your tree can still be different than this one and still be correct. If so, your Issue Tree is good to go! Example 3 - Help a government solve illiteracy in children. In fact, the whole Issue Tree is built by separating different problems over and over again.

Friends help friends build Issue Trees Common mistakes and questions. Making mistakes if part of the learning process. What you can learn from the key mistakes of real Issue Trees from real candidates. The first Issue Tree I wanna show you was sent by Anastasia. Here it is:. Seems like a quite good Issue Tree, right? I mean, it describes quite well the process of a warehouse. Well, not quite. Most of the tree is not talking about theft at all!

This Issue Tree is actually quite good! But it has three main mistakes. Can you guess what they are? Well, I gave you the main one in the title. And what would this Issue Tree that digs into the potential causes look like? Now, you might be thinking: what are the other two mistakes she made? And the last mistake she did was one related to problem definition. Can you spot it? Not necessarily! Probably not, right? Again many problems with this Tree. Always be MECE and especially so on the first layer!

Give one word that tells us that paddy likes molly? As above. As used in the sentence after line 4. Paddy is more focused on his job than he is on Molly. However when he raelises how serious Molly is about getting a fur coat. He switches his focus. In reality Paddy wants to keep Molly happy. Though he does worry about the coast of a fur coat. For me the mood of the story is one of desire. Molly wants the fur coat while Paddy at the end is trying to please Molly.

There could be several reasons. The first being that Molly may not be beautiful. He was concerned about the cost of a fur coat but still gave Molly the money for the coat. In reality he backed down from his original position. That she will remain poor and that she will not be able to mix with those she considers to be above her. Do you mean shirt. If so then Molly is tied down to a position she may not like. Sometimes people want more than they need in order to look differently in others eyes. Molly wanting the coat being an example.

Molly is uncertain of herself and her actions. As though she knows she is taking a leap of faith and is anxious about it. Refer to line 19 Molly Maguire looked at him with affection and irritation. Or there is another reason behind confusion about buying a fur coat? I think for Molly not forgetting where she came from is important. Into a cellar? About a fur coat. Why does Molly Maguire ask for a fur coat? What evidence is there in the extract that Molly has a hard life? Identify and discuss one theme of the story which is evident in this extract 9. In your opinion, is Molly Maguire making a reasonable request in this extract? I would need to read the story again to answer your questions and at the moment I have a backlog of stories I need to read first.

I now fully understand the story. God bless you. This link here might help. Paddy thinks it is expensive. Motivate your answer. What event brought on the discussion about fur Coat? What value does paddy Maguire see in a fur coat? Was Molly trying to convince Paddy that she needed a fur coat or was she trying to convince herself? Give reasons for your answer? What value does Paddy Maguire see in a coat? None really. I would need to know what context the line was used in but it could mean that Paddy keeps things to himself. Molly may think Paddy is mean with money and does not want to spend his money on a fur coat for her. Why is the following statement false? Molly eventually buys a fur coat with a check that Paddy gives.

As far as I remember it was money and not a check that Paddy gave Molly. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Home About Contact. Cite Post McManus, Dermot. The Sitting Bee, 4 Jun. Share Post: Facebook Twitter Print.

Does she find the fur coat? Dermot Post Author July 17, am. Thabo August 22, pm. Why does Molly not need a fur coat? Dermot Post Author August 22, pm. Thabo September 11, am. Dermot Post Author September 11, am. Ndela July 22, pm. Dermot Post Author July 22, pm. Thanks Ndela. Kabelo March 8, am. What evidence there in the Extract that molly has a hard life? State 2. Dermot Post Author March 8, am. Luloe May 23, am. Dermot Post Author May 23, am. Thanks Luloe. Dermot Post Author April 12, pm. Thanks for that Zamikaya. Lumka October 28, am.

Dermot Post Author October 28, am. Thanks Lumka. Josaya May 20, am. Mention two concerns that molly has about owning a fur cost. Dermot Post Author May 20, am. I would need to read the story again. Innocent Mngoma July 31, am. Dermot Post Author July 31, am. Thanks Mngoma. Identify and explain the theme of the whole story. I go through each theme in the post. Caroline August 21, am. Dermot Post Author August 21, am. Thanks for the comment Caroline. Simphiwe June 20, am. Why does Molly have this sudden outbursts of anger?

Dermot Post Author June 20, am. Maybe she is tired of the position she finds herself in. Cynthia November 14, pm. Dermot Post Author November 14, pm. Thanks Cynthia. Martia August 9, pm. What is meant by a fur coat in the extract and what was the significance. Dermot Post Author August 9, pm. Nqo August 4, pm. Summary the fur coat for 5 lines. Dermot Post Author August 4, pm. Jimmy August 19, pm. Dermot Post Author August 19, pm. Zee August 20, pm. Thanks for the comment Zee. Reason August 22, pm. Did the fur coat bring a conflict between two couple?

Samuel August 23, am. Dermot Post Author August 23, am. Rolland August 30, pm. What exactly is the theme and setting of the story? Dermot Post Author August 30, pm. Thanks a lots. No problem Rolland. Sindiswa August 29, pm. Mention two concerns that molly has about owning a fur coat. Is Molly justified in accusing paddy of being mean? Substantiate your response. Dermot Post Author August 29, pm. I would need to read the story again to answer your question.

Sanele August 31, pm. Who is Switzer in this story? Dermot Post Author August 31, pm. Sanele September 1, am. Why Maguire cried at the beginning of the story? Dermot Post Author September 1, am. Smanga September 4, pm. Is Molly Maguire making a reasonable request plz discuss your views? Dermot Post Author September 4, pm. Naledi November 8, am. If I may ask what is a setting of this story? Dermot Post Author November 8, am. Thanks for the comment Naledi. The story is set in a house in Dublin, Ireland. Was there a certain part where there was conflict or argument? Dermot Post Author September 6, pm. Nduraa September 19, pm. Dermot Post Author September 19, pm. BMS October 22, pm.

Why does Molly reveal mixed feelings affection and irritation? Dermot Post Author October 23, am. Bms October 23, pm. Dermot Post Author October 23, pm. That figurative and literal? Bms October 24, pm. Ok thanks….. Dermot Post Author October 24, pm. Dineo August 13, am. Why Molly wants a fur coat? Dermot Post Author August 13, am. As a status symbol. To mirror other important women. Is the name of her husband paddu? Thanks for the comment Lebo. Bms October 25, pm. There is part……Mean? Which one word describe paddys feeling and where or wht is irony in Molly accusation??

Dermot Post Author October 25, pm. M October 27, pm. Why does Molly decide to have a fur coat and why at the end tho, does she decide against that? Describe the character traits of both Molly and Paddy. Nsina November 4, am. Dermot Post Author November 4, pm. Nsina November 4, pm. Thanks I was so clueless. Dermot Post Author November 5, am. No problem Nsina. M November 6, pm. Dermot Post Author November 7, am. Give reasons why Molly wants a fur coat or the main reason why. Moleboheng January 19, pm. Dermot Post Author January 19, pm. Muzi January 21, am. Can you please tell me all the characters in the story.

Dermot Post Author January 21, am. The internal and the external conflict please. Ntshepi January 21, am. What event brought on the discussion about fur coats? Ntshepi January 21, pm. Why does the author describe Maguire working on the pier during this discussion? Dermot Post Author January 21, pm. Thank you. Phyndy February 13, am. Dermot Post Author February 13, am. Naz February 18, pm. Dermot Post Author February 18, pm. Yondela February 22, pm. Dermot Post Author February 22, pm.

Mpumzi April 3, pm. Dermot Post Author April 4, am. What are the differences between molly and paddy? Dermot Post Author February 26, pm. Happy February 28, am. The next moment it died in her. What does that mean? Dermot Post Author February 28, am. Andries March 1, pm. Dermot Post Author March 1, pm. Malibongwe March 1, pm. Simo March 1, pm. Simo March 5, pm. Thank u…. Dermot Post Author March 5, pm. Simo March 6, pm. Thank u Dermot…clear now. Dermot Post Author March 6, pm. Fortune March 18, pm. Dermot Post Author March 18, pm. Figuratively 2. How old a person is. How they might have quickly aged.

There is a richness about Molly? Paddy is not as keen for Molly to get a fur coat as he has previously been. It may be a case that Molly wishes to escape from the hardships of her life. Mpumi April 18, pm. So do you think molly should get a fur coat? Dermot Post Author April 19, am. Paddy may subconsciously want to save money rather than spend it. What does the fur cost symbolise for molly? Molly associates a fur coat with class, status and prestige. Molly may realise that she is trying to be something she is not. The story is set in Ireland and colloquial language has been used to make it aunthetic.

Do u think the language limits the story to a particular setting g or time? Discuss Dermot Post Author March 19, am. I would not be familiar with South African English. Sikhumbuzo March 20, pm. References of the fur coat? Dermot Post Author March 20, pm. Lerato March 22, am. Why is Paddy referred to as innocent and inexperienced. Dermot Post Author March 22, am. Why is molly described as handsome not beautiful? Dermot Post Author April 10, pm. Thembisa April 15, pm. Now I know the setting, characterization, themes, conflict and crisis.

What is the resolution? Dermot Post Author April 15, pm. Zandile April 15, pm. Do you sympathise with Paddy Maguire in this extract? Discuss your views. Dermot Post Author April 16, am. Moferefere April 16, pm. What is the theme of the story? Dermot Post Author April 16, pm. How many children do Paddy and Molly have? Masixole April 19, am. Fortune April 21, pm. Why has molly asked for a fur coat?

Dermot Post Author April 21, pm. What does the fur coat symbolise in the story? The fur coat symbolizes social status. Explain both figurative and literal meaning. Are you missing something in the question? Fortune April 22, pm. Explain figurative and literal meaning. Dermot Post Author April 22, pm. Jabu May 4, pm. Dermot Post Author May 4, pm.

I would recommend that you go through the story for yourself to double check the answers. Lihle May 10, pm. Identify and Discuss one theme of the story which is evident in this extract. Dermot Post Author May 10, pm. What was the fund that helped Molly? Dermot Post Author May 12, pm. Sibusiso May 13, pm. Dermot Post Author May 13, pm. Cay-Leigh May 17, pm. What reasons does molly give for getting a coat? What reasons does she have perhaps not getting a coat 4 What value does paddy Maguire see in a fur coat 5 Why does the author describe Maguira working on the pier during discussion 6 Does she want a fur coat?

Dermot Post Author May 17, pm. Paddy is trying to save money but at the same time exert his control in his new position. Natasha May 21, am. List the various types of coat. Dermot Post Author May 21, am. Sipho May 23, pm. Which of the two characters do you sympathize with in the story? Dermot Post Author May 23, pm. Harrison May 25, pm. Dermot Post Author May 25, pm. Hope May 28, pm. Why does Molly maguire ask for a fur coat. Dermot Post Author May 28, pm.

Molly in fact thinks she is as important as the wives of deValera and Mulcahy. Realeboga June 4, am. Dermot Post Author June 4, am. Ripfumelo July 27, pm. Please can i get u notes of this story. Dermot Post Author July 28, am. Lebo August 5, pm. Dermot Post Author August 5, pm. She is hard-working and struggles to get by. Amukelani August 6, pm. Dermot Post Author August 7, am. Thuso August 9, pm. Is paddy a supportive husband? He listens to Molly and he does end up giving her the money for the fur coat.

Profsyre August 12, pm. What position is Paddy promoted to? Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Roads and Railways. Lhitie August 13, pm. Ey, Dermot can you please help me on The fur coat 1. What is revealed about paddy character in this exract? Mention two traits? Dermot Post Author August 13, pm. The person making the statement may not mean it.

Zwayn August 16, am. What is the tone and mood of the story the fur coat or the characters? Dermot Post Author August 16, am. Naywo August 21, pm. Can you please explain why Paddy is reluctant to buy the coat? Dermot Post Author August 21, pm. Sebongile September 19, pm. What is a fur coat? A coat that is made from the fur of an animal. Often worn by people who believe it symbolizes a degree of importance.

Flatta October 15, pm. What event brought on discussion about fur coat? Dermot Post Author October 15, pm. Why does the author describe Maguire working on the pier during discussion. Minenhle October 21, pm. Dermot Post Author October 21, pm. Working from memory and having not read the story again. Molly is angry because Paddy is hesitant about giving her the money for a fur coat. Nathalie November 6, pm. Can you please give me some character development of Paddy and Molly.

Dermot Post Author November 6, pm. Mavee November 7, pm. Do they have children? Dermot Post Author November 7, pm. Though they remain in the background throughout the story. Kesaobaka November 9, am. Dermot Post Author November 9, am. What page of the story is the extract? Reecky January 19, pm. Paddy does not fully understand the price of a good fur coat. What evidence is there that they have not been and are now not wealthy? Was paddy Maguire against his wife getting a fur coast? What reason does molly give for getting a coat? What reason does she have for perhaps not getting a coat?

What value does Paddy Maguire see in a fur coat? Dermot Post Author January 23, am. At first he was though eventually changes his mind. Thank you for your help Dermot. Thanks a lot. Dermot Post Author January 28, am. Pitso February 8, am. Dermot Post Author February 8, am. Tshenolo February 21, pm. Why is paddy poring over maps and specifications. Dermot Post Author February 21, pm.

OD February 26, pm. Can you please tell me about the exposition,falling action and resolution in this story please. Resolution — There is no real resolution in the story. Molly remains unsatisfied. Rendiiey March 14, am. Do you sympathise with molly or paddy in this extract?. Discuss your view 2. Dermot Post Author March 14, am. Mandi April 1, pm. Please help. Dermot Post Author April 1, pm. Ayanda April 17, pm. Dermot Post Author April 17, pm. Josephina April 17, pm. Is the action of paddy Maguire buying an expensive fur coat for molly justifiable??

Siyasanga April 25, pm. Discuss your opinion on the relevance of the title. Dermot Post Author April 25, pm. Katlego May 9, am. Dermot Post Author May 9, am. Why does molly bang the door after her? Perhaps she did so because she was angry with Paddy. Ntivo May 15, am. Dermot Post Author May 15, am. What is the setting of the story? Tshepo August 8, pm. Dermot Post Author August 8, pm.

But still, all of Gallipoli Movie Themes hypotheses and thousands of The Cay Character Analysis would The Cay Character Analysis into one of the eight categories at the right-end The Cay Character Analysis the Issue Tree. Step 1: Define the problem specifically no Shel Silversteins Short Story The Given Tree to be a The Cay Character Analysis variable here. The Cay Character Analysis by the end of the The Cay Character Analysis there is no animosity between either Molly or Paddy.

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