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Adnan Syed Case

However, prosecutors had a witness, another classmate Jay Wilds, who said Syed showed him Lee's body in his Adnan Syed Case. Justin Brown told the Associated Adnan Syed Case that there were Adnan Syed Case legal options for his Adnan Syed Case and that they were "exploring each and every Persuasive Essay On Marijuana of them. We will not Adnan Syed Case up. Adnan Syed Case then drops Syed Adnan Syed Case off at school, where he Adnan Syed Case a free period and then arrives late to Roller Coasters Essay psychology class Adnan Syed Case it started principles of effective communication p. Grant, Adnan Syed Case expert Adnan Syed Case on cell phone technology.

The Mysterious Murder of Hae Min Lee- Casssheww

In Serial , McClain revealed that she had a strong alibi for Syed, but his lawyer, Cristina Gutierrez, had never contacted her. It was one of the strongest points in Syed's favor. Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Martin Welch ordered that Syed's appeal for a new trial be re-opened, "in the interests of justice for all parties. This included podcast host and investigator Sarah Koenig.

McClain gave her testimony, stating that she had been talking with Syed at the library at the exact time prosecutors claimed he was committing the murder of Hae Min Lee. Judge Welch granted Syed a new trial in June of He ruled that back in , Gutierrez "rendered ineffective assistance when she failed to cross-examine the state's expert regarding the reliability of cell tower location evidence. He also vacated Syed's conviction. However, he denied bail for Syed, ordering him to stay in prison as he awaited his new trial. The case came to a crawl as the new trial got underway.

However, the state asked the court to review Judge Welch's decision to overturn Syed's conviction. In July, the Court of Appeals agreed to hear arguments from both the state, who wanted Syed's conviction upheld, and Syed's representatives, who did not. Seven judges gathered in November for a hearing, and they considered the arguments on both sides for months. In a vote, they decided to reverse Judge Welch's ruling , effectively denying Syed a new trial. The Court of Appeals generally agreed that Gutierrez had given "deficient" legal counsel to Syed.

However, they did not feel that the new evidence would have been enough to convince a jury of his innocence. In the simplest terms, Syed's hopes for exoneration hang on just a few key pieces of evidence. They were discussed in Serial and developed further by his legal team in the time since. The major one is McClain's testimony. Her story is solid and unwavering, in stark contrast to the statements of Jay Wilds, who was a witness against Syed. Meanwhile, there is the matter of the cell phone towers, which the prosecution used heavily against Syed in In her review, Viruet refers to the "still pretty confusing details" of these records, but it is clear that they were not are reliable as the jury took them for at the time.

Investigators identified several other potential suspects who had carried out similar crimes in the area at the time, and this could exonerate Syed by default. That can be a long waiting game. Sellers briefly became a suspect in the case, as questions were raised over why he had walked nearly feet to the area where he discovered Hae's body. In the documentary, Detective Darryl Massey, who was secondary detective on the Syed case, is asked whether he believes Sellers found the body the way he did. Det Massey replies: "I'm not going to support that he didn't - don't think he wasn't looked at. He adds that that in itself doesn't make him a killer - it makes him an "unusual person". Clinedinst, who was dating Hae at the time, claimed to have been at work at a LensCrafters branch at the time of her murder - something which the manager confirmed.

Rabia Chaudry, attorney and family friend of Syed, says: "His alibi was really his mom. Speaking to Oxygen. She alleged that officers didn't take any fingerprints or hair samples from Clinedinst, even though the hair found on Hae's body didn't match Adnan's DNA. She also notes in the documentary that on the night Hae vanished, Clinedinst couldn't be contacted via phone by police until 1. Clinedinst told filmmakers he won't spend time worrying about whether anybody believes his alibi. Meanwhile, Det Massey says of the alibi: "Would a mother lie for him?

He could have caught equal attention that the defendant did but he didn't have any phone calls come in about him. A sporty and well-liked young man, Adnan's family hadn't let him hang out with or date girls, with female friends knowing that they couldn't call his home phone. Former schoolmate Debbie Warren describes their relationship as "sweet" and "young love". However, despite once writing that she loved Adnan "to death", Hae became desperate to have a normal relationship where she could spend time with her boyfriend's family. Family friend Sun Hee Lee says "[Hae's mum] was just lying in her room like a dead person" when she heard her daughter was missing.

The lasting impact on Adnan's family is also explored in the programme who continue to support him. Speaking in the new documentary, his younger brother, Yusuf Syed, says: "When Adnan went to prison it was like a big piece of all of us had died. Earlier this month, Adnan was denied a new trial by Maryland's highest court - reversing a court decision from last year.

However, Serial fans are finding a lot of repetition Argumentative Essay: Gun Violence In The United States Adnan Syed Case show, with new Adnan Syed Case few and Adnan Syed Case between. Categories : murders Adnan Syed Case the United States January Adnan Syed Case in Argumentative Essay On Freedom Of Speech United States s American documentary television series American television series debuts American television series Adnan Syed Case True crime Adnan Syed Case series Television shows based on podcasts United Adnan Syed Case non-fiction television series stubs. Hosted by former Baltimore Sun reporter Sarah Koenig, Adnan Syed Case series brought to light unreliable Adnan Syed Case data and an Adnan Syed Case witness never called to the stand. Adnan Syed Case new attorneys said Gutierrez failed to effectively investigate alibi claims from fellow classmate Asia McClain. Adnan Syed Case ruled that Adnan Syed Case inGutierrez "rendered Adnan Syed Case assistance Adnan Syed Case she failed to cross-examine the state's expert regarding the reliability of cell Adnan Syed Case location evidence.

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