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Rice Story In Short Story

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Chinese scholars hold that cultivation of rice in china was widely practiced in mythological Sheng Nung period, in north China. This was around BC. According to Chinese academy for agricultural sciences, China is one of the oldest centers that can be linked with the origin of rice Gurdev, Gary, In to B. C, a rice Chinese culture was well established in north china. This was the period of the Chou dynasty. In addition, rice was the staple food in the areas around Yangtze River, in northern china. Rice is also said to have descended from wild grasses in southern china and India.

From china, rice then spread to all directions and its varieties can be linked to various selections and preferences by human beings. There is now a wide variety of rice as a result of cross breeding. By this time, Indians ate rice ceremonially where they simply boiled it and served it among other prepared dishes. Years later, in 15th century, Portuguese were preparing rice and having it in a similar way as Indians did. In 17th century, Indian Muslim rulers made meat and rice dishes which were famous during this time. Other studies have shown that the major and oldest types of rice developed in Asia.

These are three types of rice which were classified according to the content of the grain. They included japonica which had low amylase content and appeared in sticky masses when cooked and was eaten with chop sticks. The other type is Javanica which is sticky when cooked and has medium amylase content. The third and last type was the Indica which was noted to have the highest amylase content. Indica cooked to fluffy whole grains, which could be eaten by use of fingers Turner et al, Therefore, the beginning or cultivation of rice can be placed on china, India and other Asian countries. Since rice was already grown in east and central china at around BC, it must have taken a few centuries for rice to have moved from this area to the rest of the world.

Today, rice is categorized according to their lengths, which are short, medium and long grains. Different regions of the world grow and consume different varieties of rice. In Africa, Basmati rice is the most common. On the other hand, rice is grown on arable land in Bangladesh. It is purely grown for consumption, as a food crop. In sub continents, rice does well on shallow land with the need for irrigation. More than half of the world population feeds on rice as a staple food. On the same perspective, rice production in amounted to over five hundred million metric tons which had been grown on about one hundred and forty five million hectares.

When compared to wheat and maize, rice has low protein content. However, rice can support a huge population per unit hectare than either wheat or maize. That is, if grown on the same size piece of land, rice production will be higher than the other two. As a result, there is a close link between the history of human expansion and cultivation of rice. In Indian culture, rice is in art and craft work where rice paste is applied on resist dyeing techniques to create cloth patterns. On the same note, rice creates decorative features of floor patterns as well as wall painting in most ancient Indian homes. Women are the ones who make such rice decorations on the floor and walls and pass the same skills to their daughters.

In India, rice decorations are simply a women thing. Similarly, the abstract rice designs that women create form a basic part of everyday ritual in India. I pushed myself up from the ground slowly, being careful not to bother the fresh wound on my leg. It was less than a week old and had barely started healing. I limped to the pantry, a small box we kept in the corner, and immediately knew Gabe was right. There were only two cans left, beans and pineapple chunks. It would last us maybe a day or two, but that was stretching it, even for us.

The pain in my leg was throbbing. He was already stressed enough with planning our next move. That was 5 days ago, and after changing the makeshift bandage multiple times, I was now down to the last few shreds of fabric. Did you come up with a strategy yet? It was darker than I thought it would be but I could still make out Gabe in the distance. I sped up my pace, my wounded leg on fire with pain. Did you hear that? Gabe had pulled his knife from his pocket and was holding it above his head, ready to stab at the first chance he got. Your winners, ladies and gentlemen! I could barely hear a thing as the feeling started to drain from my body and ringing filled my ears. My legs gave out and the only thing keeping me up was the host who had managed to catch me when I started to pull him down.

Everything's gonna be okay. I quickly pulled my hand from under the covers as Gabe walked back in. A man in a white lab coat had accompanied him. Nice to see you again. It seems your reacclimation was not as successful as we had hoped. I just need to run a few tests to see what we can do to get you feeling like yourself again.

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